Puppet Fabrication 2013

Current work

Cigar Guy
Concept sculpt for a future puppet
Digital paint over


For the past few months I have been working on a puppet that I have been commissioned to do.
This is all work in progress and I will update with photos when the puppet is finished in July - August.

Ball and socket armature. Joints fabricated by John Wright & Animation Toolkit. Joints where then ground down to a smaller size to fit within the puppet body.

Update - Shoulder change after feedback from peers

Creating the body mould
Ali- fast cast poured

Ali - fast cast mould with wire armature in place for a test cast
Dragon Skin FX pro poured

Hands and feet moulds

Super Sculpey Firm over resin to create the main features of the replacement faces
 Core replacement face pieces

Mold making 

 Resin casting

Original sculpt plus rein reproductions

Armature design

 Very short video to show the client how effective the magnets are


This is a character bust made from a shelved puppet.

Newplast Plasticine, Styrofoam, wire armature, various fabric